Sunday, December 23, 2007

Marketing or Ignorance or Is Capitalism a paradox ?

I am sure every one of us out there agree with Benjamin Barber's point that we are in a materialistic world that has dominated us from choosing our Needs and Wants.

It's not only the game gadgets that become a big hit among kids, but the gadgets like phones with added features have been overwhelming the consumers in the recent past.
The market is being flocked with so many promotions and the media has created enough buzz now than ever before.

I highly agree with Dr.Barber's point that the short term return has become the focus of current corporate world. It's not just the innovative features that strike the market, but the timings of introduction of these products have been strategically improving for the benefit of the companies.

I think this is the area where Monetarists and Keynesians should influence through their combined strengths to get the corporate world look into the real needs to improve the human life to make this place a better place. Corporations should nurture innovation for developing real products; not just innovate instruments that falsely inflates the books.

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