Sunday, September 30, 2007

Interesting Sites on Economy

I stumble on so many websites on economics by googling. Planning to keep a list of those I would refer periodically. Something like a delicious link.

Let me know if there are other handy ones that keep up with the current happenings with a perspective.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thinking Economically

'Thinking Economically' by Maurice Levi is a light read if you are well versed with the basic economic concepts. I have completed 4/16 chapters currently. He has tried to introduce concepts that would reach a lay man and not jumping on the traditional supply, demand curve right away.

One interesting area that caught my attention is an illustration where a fast, roaring, expensive car is being perceived by different people differently. An environmentalist criticizing the pollution, a physicist thinking about the horsepower and the pickup, a social person pondering the status of the person driving the car and an economist calculating the cost benefit or the value of possessing the car. This makes an interesting relation between how market demand is driven by the consumer taste and how marketing, psychology and economics are interwoven.

I have temporarily stopped continuing with the remaining chapters and saving it for the train ride.