Sunday, July 8, 2007

From Wall Street to the Great Wall

Marc Faber's 'From Wall Street to Great Wall' was the first of his books I had completed a few days back. Since I like the meat and not beating around the bush, the initial few pages repelled me from proceeding as the content was around his life-hood background etc etc. It was a light read until the contents started focusing on how different eras lead to the waves of developments that ultimately resulted in unbalanced growth on this planet.

For those interested in economic and history trends and how they are closely linked, this book is a good read offering a stratum of perspectives. For amateurs, this can help connect the social, political, economical dots from a history as well as contemporary standpoint.

In addition, it is imperative that while financial analysts' detail dashboard is the day to day numbers and the book driven financial stats, the macro-economic barometers are to be viewed with utmost diligence as well, as exemplified by Dr.Doom.

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